•  2017 Lone Star Park
    Handicapping Championship Series

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    Tenth Annual Lone Star Park Handicapping Championship Series

    Click Here for the 2017 Tournament Flyer

    Interested players will be able to sign up in-person via the Star Player Rewards kiosk or online via the provided links. All tournament wagers will be made via self-serve terminals and we will be giving away Eight (8) total spots to the NHC.

    The top two finishers from the four Championship Tournaments will represent Lone Star Park at the 2017-2018 DRF/NTRA National Handicapping Championship in Las Vegas.


    First Chance
    Qualifier 1 - Saturday, March 11 - Official Results
    Qualifier 2 - Sunday, April 30 - Click Here to Enter
    (Enty deadline is April 23)
    2-Spot Championship - Saturday, May 27*
    *Top 75 from each qualifier eligible.

    Second Chance
    2-Spot Tournament - Sunday, July 23*
    *No prequalifying needed.

    Third Chance
    Qualifier 1 - Saturday, September 2
    Qualifier 2 - Saturday, September 30
    2-Spot Championship - Saturday, October 21*
    *Top 75 from each qualifier eligible.

    Last Chance
    2-Spot Tournament - Saturday, December 2*
    *No prequalifying needed.

    Press Release: Grand Prairie resident finishes in Top 10 at NHC 18

    Lone Star Park contestants are exempt of all fees required by the NTRA and are not required to be a member of the NHC Tour in order to compete for berths to the NHC or for prize money in the Lone Star Park Handicapping Championship Series.

    Click Here for Official Rules