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    Lone Star Park Concert Age Policy



    StarSmall    Lone Star Park's age policy for concerts is 18 and older with a valid ID unless accompanied by a legal guardian.
    StarSmall    The legal guardian must be 30 years of age or older, with a valid ID.
    StarSmall    Up to 3 minors per legal guardian is allowed.
    StarSmall    A legal guardian who is escorting another parent's child can do so only with a notarized "Guardian Consent Form".
    StarSmall    Valid forms of ID include: Drivers License, Passport, or Government ID.  Student ID's are not acceptable.  


    click HERE to download "Guardian Consent Form"


    StarSmall    All minors must stay with their legal guardian while on property.
    StarSmall Persons under 21 years of age may not consume alcohol under any circumstance.
    StarSmall Persons violating Lone Star Park's age policy or TABC law will be removed from the premises by Grand Prairie Police.
    StarSmall Alcohol may not be consumed in the parking lots.
    StarSmall Loitering in the parking lots or outside the premise gates is not permitted.