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Football Playoff Squares!


Star Player Rewards members can sign up to play football squares beginning two hours prior to kickoff of the first game on Conference Championship Sunday, January 19! We're giving away Mutuels Vouchers and HDTVs each game! Plus, receive a raffle ticket when you sign up and drawings for Mutuel Vouchers will be held after each score during the games!*
*No purchase necessary. Must be present to win any prize. Square sign-up on first-come, first-served basis. 

Square Prizes Each Game:
- 1st Quarter: $100 Mutuel Voucher
- 2nd Quarter: $100 Mutuel Voucher
- 3rd Quarter: $100 Mutuel Voucher
- Final Score: HDTV

Raffle Ticket Draw Prizes:
(After each score of both games.)
- Safety: $2 Mutuel Voucher
- Field Goal: $3 Mutuel Voucher
- Touchdown: $7 Mutuel Voucher