18 April 2020
8:30 AM
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8:30 a.m.

Watch morning workouts from the Bar & Book patio every Saturday morning during the Thoroughbred Racing Season. Brunch menu available and there’s FREE COFFEE too. Don’t miss it!

Brunch Menu Items include:

Pick Three Omelet – $8.95
Two eggs, your choice of three ingredients: turkey, ham, crumbled bacon, onions, jalapenos, cheese, bell peppers or tomatoes, served with breakfast potatoes and your choice of wheat or sourdough bread

The Perfect Breakfast – $8.95
Served with Two Eggs, breakfast potatoes, and your choice of country ham, sausage or sliced bacon

Breakfast Burrito – $8.95
Flour tortilla wrapped and stuffed with eggs, cheese and your choice of country ham, crumbled bacon or sausage, served with breakfast potatoes

Breakfast Sandwich – $8.95
Scrambled Eggs and American cheese with your choice of ham, bacon or sausage on your choice of sourdough or multi-grain toast

Join Us Saturday
April 18
12:00 AM - 10:00 AM