Betting in the Palm of Your Hand!

LSP Bet is a mobile wagering app that allows you to bet with convenience, privacy and security directly from your smartphone or tablet.  LSPBet lets you place wagers at your convenience while at the track from your smart phone or tablet on live and simulcast races.
Simply download the LSPBet App for the Apple or Android. You only download the app once. After the original download, simply open the app while at Lone Star Park to use it.

Download and Install the App

  • Log on to Lone Star Park’s Public Wifi.
  • Read the Wifi Terms & Conditions. After accepting, you may open the app.*
    *Some devices may require opening a browser to view the terms & conditions. Accepting is required.

Android Users view instructions here.

Register on Device

  1.  Select Signup, then LSPBET Account.
  2.  Select No on the secure registration unless you already have a permanent wagering account.*
    *Proceed to Player Services if you do already have a permanent wagering account.
  3.  Enter all applicable personal information, including Social Security Number (Required) and your Star Player Rewards number (Optional).
  4.  You will be asked a series of five questions specifically related to you.**
    **If you are unable to answer enough questions correctly you will be directed to Player Services to establish your account in person. One attempt per person, per day.
  5.  Establish a username and password.***
    ***Your username and password will be used to log in to your device from this point forward.
  6.  Set a 4-digit PIN.
  7.  Set a Secret Word.
  8.  Select Submit.

Register in Person

  1. Have your photo ID ready and visit Player Services, located on the first level of the Grandstand or at Bar & Book. There, you will be given instruction on how to continue your registration.

Add Funds to your Account

  1.  After logging in, select Digital Link from the Home Screen.
  2.  Select Terminal Connect.
  3.  Scan the QR Code on your device at a Self-Serve Wagering Machine.*
    *Code will expire after 30 seconds, after which a new one will need to be generated.
  4.  After successfully scanning your QR Code, the Self-Serve will display Digital Link Connected. After which, you can deposit funds into the self-serve with either cash or a voucher.
  5.  You will need to select Deposit and enter your PIN on the Self-Serve after each voucher or bill is inserted.
  6.  Select Finish on the self-serve.
  7.  Your deposit will be displayed on the Home Screen at the top of the Wallet icon.

Make Your Wagers!

Collect Your Winnings

  1. Select Digital Link from the Home Screen.
  2. Select Withdraw and enter the amount that you’d like to withdraw.
  3. Scan the QR Code on your device at a Self-Serve Wagering Machine.*
    *Code will expire after 30 seconds, after which a new one will need to be generated.
  4. After successfully scanning your code, the Self-Serve will print a voucher that you may cash at a teller window or keep for future visits.*
    *Vouchers expire after 365 days.

Android Users

Google does not permit gambling apps in the Play Store. As a result you must manually install/upgrade LSPBet on your Android device.

If you want to upgrade from a previous version to 2.2, begin at step 1.
If you’re installing LSPBet for the first time, begin at step 4.

  1. Be sure to write down your username.
  2. Uninstall LSPBet from your device using Application Manager.
  3. You need to allow installations from unkown sources. Go to Settings, then Security. Toggle the Unknown Sources switch to On.
  4. Download the LSPBet installation file from this page.
  5. Open and run the file. After clicking through the standard warning messages the installation will begin. Once it’s finished, the app may be used or uninstalled in the same way as any other.
  6. Finally, go back to the Security menu from Step One, and toggle Unknown Sources back to Off.


  • Skip the Betting Lines!
  • Wager from the comfort of your seat!
  • Winning wagers automatically cash into your account!
  • See scratches, changes and wager history on your device!
  • Receive points after linking your rewards card once!
  • Never get shut out again!

Get the App!