Facility and Grounds

A variety of levels in the Grandstand include the Track Level, Terrace Level 2, Silks Dining Level 4 and Suites on Level 5 and 6. The first level features the Dash for Cash event room. The second level features Box Seats and Counter Seats as well as the Alysheba event room. The fourth-floor features 1,200 seats for terraced dining in Silks Dining, a Jockey Club and a Paddock Lounge for 125 people overlooking the Saddling Paddock area. The fifth and sixth levels feature luxury Penthouse Suites, which are available for nightly rental.

The Grandstand also includes themed concession areas, bars, racing information areas, a first aid facility and gift shop. The audio/video system features over 1500 television monitors and a Daktronics display in the infield. In addition to the Grandstand, there are outdoor areas from which patrons can watch the races, including outdoor stadium style seating and bench seating on the Apron between the Grandstand and the Racetrack.

Parking Area: A total of approximately 6,000 paved parking spaces are available for automobiles and buses at the racetrack.

Saddling Paddock/Jockey Quarters: Behind the Grandstand is a beautifully landscaped European-style saddling paddock area where patrons can observe the pre-race pageantry involved in saddling the horses. The Saddling Paddock building also includes dressing quarters for male and female jockeys.

Location: Lone Star Park is located midway between Dallas and Fort Worth on approximately 315 acres on Belt Line Road just north of Interstate-30.   Our physical address is 1000 Lone Star Parkway, Grand Prairie, TX 75050.

Grandstand Facility: The Grandstand is glass-enclosed, air-conditioned, approximately 280,000-square foot structure with a seating capacity of approximately 6,000 seats. Additional seating is available throughout the park.

Bar & Book: Located adjacent to the Grandstand is Lone Star Park at Grand Prairie’s 36,000-square foot simulcast facility, Bar & Book. This modern, state-of-the-art building is open year-round and is highlighted by a Las Vegas-style racebook, a sports bar and a casual dining area, featuring live horse racing via simulcast from top tracks across the country. For more information click here.

Barn Area: The barn area consists of 32 barns with accommodations for up to 1,600 horses. It also includes a receiving barn, hold & test barn, stakes barn, maintenance barn and administrative building.

Track Level 1 
Race Track
Horse Parade Path
Food and Drink Concessions
Saddling Paddock
Outdoor Apron Seating
Gift Shop
Dash for Cash Event Room
Courtyard Veranda
Winner’s Circle

Terrace Level 2
Alysheba Event Room
Terrace Seating
Box Seating
Finish Line Box Seating
Terrace Carrels
Counter Seats
Terrace Balconies
Food and Drink Concessions

Silks Dining Level 4
Silks Dining
Paddock Lounge
Lone Star Jockey Club

Suites Level 5
Suites 501 – 524

Suites Level 6
Suites 601 – 624

Main Track:
One Mile oval with seven furlong and 550 yard chutes
90 feet wide
Six degree banking on turns
Distance from final turn to finish line: 930 feet
Distance from six furlong long start to first turn: 1,690 feet
Distance from turn to turn: 1,300 feet

Turf Track:
7/8 Mile oval with 11/8 inside chute.
80 feet wide
Six degree banking on turns
Distance from final turn to finish line: 900 feet.
Distance from turn to turn: 1,020 feet.
Safety rail

Features of the “Rider Protection Rail System” are as follows: 
1. Posts are not exposed, as the panel covers the entire gooseneck.
2. Panel extends to the end of gooseneck and not down the posts, so smaller shadows appear on the track.
3. Foam rubber donut where panel is attached to posts, provides sound suppression and also resilience in case of an accident.
4. If a rider should fall, the panel’s shape will allow him to roll onto the infield and not bounce on to the main track.
5. All posts are padded.