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Win: $2 Minimum
Place: $2 Minimum
Show:$2 Minimum

Exacta: $1 Minimum ($2 Total Ticket Cost Minimum)
Trifecta:$.50 Minimum
Superfecta:$.10 Minimum
Super Hi-Five Jackpot:$.20 Minimum

Daily Doubles: $1 Minimum ($2 Total Ticket Cost Minimum)
Pick 3: $.50 Minimum
Pick 4: $.50 Minimum
Pick 5: $.50 Minimum
Lone Star 6 Shooter (Pick 6): $.20 Only (Jackpot Style)


Pick 5 (New for 2020)

Low 12% Takeout!

  • Pick the winners of the last five races.
  • Wager Cost = $.50
  • 75% of the current day’s pool will be paid out among winners with 5 out of 5 correct. If there are no 5 out of 5 winners then 75% will carryover.
  • A 25% consolation will be paid out daily among those with 4 out of 5 or the ‘most’ out of 5 correct.


Super Hi-5 Jackpot (New for 2020)

Low 12% Takeout!

  • Wager Cost = $.20
  • Jackpot awarded only when there is one unique winning combination.
  • When no unique winning combination, 75% of the current day’s pool will be paid out among multiple winners and 25% will carryover.
  • If no winners, then 100% of the pool will carryover.
  • This wager occurs twice daily with the same Jackpot carrying over into the next…
    • The first race will carryover into the last race, which will carryover into the next day’s first race and so on.


Lone Star 6 Shooter

Fire your bullets in our Pick 6 with a low takeout of just 12%. This Jackpot-Style wager features a 50/50 split so the carryover is sure to get as big as Texas!

  • Pick the winners of 6 consecutive races.
  • Wager Cost = $.20
  • Takeout of just 12% equals the lowest in the industry!
  • 50% of the current day’s pool will be paid out to multiple winners with the most correct. The other 50% will be added to the Carryover Pool.
  • The Carryover Jackpot will be paid out only when there is a single unique wager with 6-out-of-6 correct or on a scheduled Mandatory Payout day.
  • Mandatory Payout day will be scheduled for Closing Day of the Current Season.
  • If, for any reason, that a closing day with a mandatory payout scheduled is cancelled, then the carryover pool will be carried over into the next similar-breed season.