What To Say At The Betting Window

  1.  The name of the track you want to wager on.  If you are at Lone Star Park, and are betting on Lone Star Park races, then you don’t have to say the track name.  However, you can bet on races from all over the country on a given race day.
  2.   The race number
  3.   The amount of the bet
  4.   The type of bet – This is where you will use terms such as Win, Place or Show, etc.  For a list of betting terms just refer to our betting menu
  5.   The number of the horse

So if you put it all together it may sound something like this…

“Lone Star Park, Race 2, $2 to Win on #4”

  1.   If you win, just go back to the mutuel teller and collect!

If you ever have any questions, Lone Star Park has Racing Ambassadors who are there to help.  Visit the Playing the Ponies 101 booth located on the first level of the Grandstand near the Saddling Paddock.

Types of Races

Maiden: A race for horses that have not yet won a race.

Claiming: A race in which every horse participating is for sale. The claiming price establishes the current value of the horse.

Allowance: The highly competitive races where horses entered cannot be purchased. The purses are normally higher than claiming races.

Stakes Races: The highest class of race reserved for the best horses. Derived from the word “sweepstakes” and along with handicap races, applies to the highest caliber of race offered.  Handicap and Stakes races offer the largest purses of all the various types of races.

Playing the Ponies 101

Come by and visit us at the Playing the Ponies 101 center located on the first level of the Grandstand. Learn how to read a program, wager on the horses or even who to bet. Our Racing Ambassadors are waiting to help you.

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